Getting high quality pet care these days can be quite expensive. It’s no wonder that most smart pet owners are getting insurance for their cats and dogs. However, it would be helpful to think about the pitfalls of pet insurance. What may appear to be a good deal should be looked into carefully. Make sure you look into the fine print to get the whole idea regarding the kind of insurance policy you are buying.

When shopping for pet insurance, make sure you avoid the following pitfalls to get the most out of your insurance policy.

You need to know about the maximum cover limit being offered. The coverage being offered can range from a few hundred dollars to around thousands of dollars. With vet bills going over thousands of dollars for surgeries and other services, it’s no wonder, people are investing in policies which offer the maximum coverage. In order to avoid an unlikely surprises where you find that the coverage wouldn’t even be half of the total health care cost, make sure you have done your research before purchasing a pet insurance policy.

Get to know the aggregate on your policy. Most policies might advertise coverage up to five thousand dollars, but a look at the fine print points otherwise. It may even be a thousand dollars and you could have over looked it.

What’s the amount of excess and how exactly does it work. There is a great deal of variation in how a pet policy actually works. The excess can be a fixed amount or it may be a variable as each year of the policy changes. A 20% excess would mean $200 out of your pocket on a cost of $1000. Get to know the exact excess of your policy and how it is supposed to work once you ask for a claim.

Cover for chronic illnesses. Most policies do not offer a cover for chronic disease. They simply offer coverage for the first year and if your pet develops a chronic condition you might find yourself on your own. In order to make sure your pet kitten is covered for managing the illness, check the cat insurance policy carefully so you can make a claim and not be in for a nasty surprise.

A pet insurance policy is an agreement of contract between you and the insurance company. For more information on how to financially protect you and your equine, visit the Pet Plan Australia's horse insurance page. They by no means are obligated towards your vet or vice versa. Though most companies are quick to claim that they will work directly with your vet, it’s often reasonable to ask the vet which insurer you should be going for.

Never hide any preexisting conditions your pet has. Hiding or lying about any previous illnesses can make your policy become null and void if it’s found out later on. Those who aren’t too honest can often find themselves left with no right to make a claim and almost no sympathy from their vet either.

Keep all these above mentioned things in mind to avoid any problems with your pet insurance policies.