A quick guide

Shade Sails undoubtedly give you the opportunity to let your imagination fly. You can pick between many colours, sizes, and shapes. When setting up a sail for a bigger space like a parking lot or a school playground you can’t really go without some expert help. Yet, when you want to put up a sail in your backyard the job becomes much easier. Here is a quick guide to how to place your own shading sail. 

Pick the right place

The first step you need to take is finding the right place. This might seem obvious. After all, you know which part of your outdoor space you need the shade forThere are a few things to keep in mind. Naturally, as the sun moves, your shade will also do so. That means that you will not have a constant shade under your sail. A couple of hours a day at the most. 

Sail Design

After you pick the right place, you will also need to pick the right design that will meet your needs. Not only does the design need to look good, but it also has to be stable. The size of the sail has to be thought over. If your anchor points aren’t stable, consider smaller but more sails. When choosing the design don’t forget that you always have the option of putting special additional posts that will ensure stability and can contribute to the overall appearance of your design. The design should match the environment and context as well, for example swimming pool shade sails could be themed with aquatic and blue textures and art.

Additional Posts

Even though they might seem like more work, posts might be a good option to consider. After all your sails have a specific purpose and should also be safe. There are two main types of additional posts: wood posts and steel posts. No matter which type you choose it is key to make it stable. The general rule here is that the post footing depth should be a least half the length of the post itself.

Do you need permission?

Shade sails are not a construction in the narrow sense of the term. That means that if you set them up in your backyard, you usually shouldn’t ask for a permit of any kind. However, it is good to keep in mind that if you expand your work and want to decorate public places with shade sails, you will need to ask for specific building permits. After acquiring building permits, consider Greenline's range of commercial canopy structures as a shade solution for your business.

Fixing Accessories 

Before you start the construction process make sure you have all the materials you need. To begin with, you need a sail. One or more depending on your design. But you also need fixing accessories and helping materials. Luckily these can easily be found in any hardware shop. Make a list of all you need starting with anchors, links, and extensions. They should be the right size and should be strong enough to hold your sail even on the windiest days. You might also find yourself in need of chains, ropes, and wires that will help you when attaching the sail to its corners. 

No matter if you will use it to provide shade in your near pool area, or simply need it to make a shade for some flowers in your garden, the shade sail will surely do the trick. And you can do it yourself! There is no better way to personalise and protect your own backyard with outdoor shade sails from the harsh Australian sun.