Successful business people know their efficiency greatly depends upon the business apps used by their companies. However, with so many apps on the market, it often becomes difficult to choose those which might be right for your business.

The following is a low down on some of the best business apps which can help you. These cover everything from data entry to human resource apps. Scroll down to see if you are using any of these apps to help run a successful business.

The best accounting apps

Netsuite. This app allows users to manage all expense records, purchase orders, business records and security records. This allows you to manage your business despite the fact that you may be away from your office without a desktop or laptop within reach.

Acumatica. It allows users to access their accounting data from any device which has an internet connection. It can even be downloaded on iOS and android devices. There’s a great deal the app can help you perform, from entering business orders to running expense reports.

Expensify. This is one of the best expense report software. It can help you eaily upload any receipt on your mobile devices. It can easily process scanned data and is a great app if you want to save time and increase staff efficiency.

The best business collaboration apps

ClickMeeting. This app allows you to have conferences, stream audio and video and record the complete event, all with the help of a smart phone. Having a conference has never been easier.

SurveyMonkey. Consumer feedback is important if you want your business to grow. This helps you take surveys. It’s easy to create, send and analyze surveys using this app.

MailChimp. Most companies need apps to help them with Email marketing. Since it’s a 24/7 job, it requires an app which can help make the process smooth and easy.

Data management apps

Sprout Social. All businesses need to make use of a solid social media strategy to be successful. It’s easier to access social media apps and analytic tools without any impact on your efficiency. It can help you identify the right influencers and lets you know the right time to engage customers.

HootSuite compromises of social media apps which are housed efficiently in one platform so you can use each of these with ease. It’s easy to conduct comprehensive monitoring, identify influencers and access publishing tools.

Human Resource Apps

Deputy. It allows you to work on employ scheduling and shift planning systems in an efficient manner. It’s easier than ever to make group announcements, integrate with other business apps.

Zenefits. One of the best apps which helps manage business administration tools. It is helpful for the complete human resource team and other employees as well. It can help research, record and save data with ease. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

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